Army BDU with Gold Liberty Coin Fountain Pen - 1004

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An actual combat-worn battle dress uniform (BDU) is the background of this fountain pen.  A gold Liberty coin has been masterfully cut leaving the highlights of the coin and positioned on the body to highlight the purpose of the military.  Pen is cast in clear acrylic to protect the details and provide a durable finish.

Metal components are black titanium with rhodium highlights

Pen has a generic medium Jowo #6 gold plated nib. The nib can be replaced with nibs from XXF-broad.

Can use both bottled ink with a converter (included) or international standard ink cartridges (samples included).


  • Screw Cap
  • Postable Cap
  • High grade resin used to cast the body which is then highly polished to bring out the beauty
  • Metal Components
    • Black Titanium
    • Gold Highlights
  • Uses both international standard cartridges and converters (used with bottled ink)
  • Nib info:
    • Generic Jowo #6 steel
    • Two-tone gold plated
    • Medium tip
  • Handcrafted in our studio in Belton, TX


  • Product length capped:
    •  5,426 ins.
    •  137.82 mm
  • Product length cap posted (approximate:
    •   6.627 ins.
    •   168.34 mm
  • Product weight
    •    1.74 ozs
    •    49.6 grams


  • 2 Universal Standard Ink Cartridge 
  • Converter
  • Cardboard Pen Box


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