Stars & Stripes Abalone - 1009

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Abalone shell has been dyed red, white, and blue before being cut into shapes to assemble as the Stars & Stripes.  Pen is cast in clear acrylic to protect the details and provide a durable finish.

Metal components are black titanium with rhodium highlights

Pen has a generic Jowo #6 fine tip gold plated nib. The nib can be replaced with nibs from XXF-broad.

Can use both bottled ink with a converter (included) or international standard ink cartridges (samples included).


  • Screw Cap
  • Postable Cap
  • High grade resin used to cast the body which is then highly polished to bring out the beauty
  • Metal Components
    • Black Titanium
    • Gold Highlights
  • Uses both international standard cartridges and converters (used with bottled ink)
  • Nib info:
    • Heritance #6 steel
    • Two-tone gold plated
    • Fine tip
  • Handcrafted in our studio in Belton, TX


  • Product length capped:
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    •     mm
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  • Product weight
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  • 2 Universal Standard Ink Cartridge 
  • Converter
  • Cardboard Pen Box


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